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ARE YOU READY TO TAKE THE HEALTHY EATING CHALLENGE? We all know including more healthy fruits and vegetables in our diet can substantially improve our physical health. But did you know eating your fruits and veggies can benefit your smile as well?

During your next visit, pledge to take the “Healthy Eating Challenge” and post a photo on social media to be entered to win the prize of a $40 HEB gift card!

Participating Is Easy!
Step 1: Choose a fun social social sign, pledge to eat healthy, and take a picture holding the sign.
Step 2: Post the photo to Facebook as a public post and tag the location of our practice.
Step 3: Receive a raffle entry to win a prize!

This promotion ends April 15, 2016. We will select the lucky winner of the $40 HEB gift card from the raffle bowl on April 15, 2016.