Why you Need Professional Whitening

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An unappealing smile can leave you feeling awkward and uncomfortable in social situations. Here at Miller Family Dental we have the tools, training and experience to help you find the bright, white smile you’ve always wanted. Our training and expertise is just one of the many reasons you should have your teeth whitened by a professional.

Each day millions of Americans look in the mirror and wish they had a bright white smile, but they’re not completely sure what the best method is to give them the winning smile they’ve always wanted.

Deeply stained teeth can rarely be improved by the whitening products offered in stores. Fortunately, Miller Family Dental can perform a professional tooth bleaching procedure to safely and effectively whiten your smile.

At the start of the tooth bleaching procedure your dentist will protect your gums with a special gel or a rubber dam. Then a small amount of concentrated bleaching gel is poured into trays that are inserted into your mouth. How long you need to hold the tray in place will vary depending on how deeply stained your teeth are. A special ultraviolet light might also be used for additional whitening.

If you have questions or would like to explore your whitening options, it’s a good idea to call Miller Family Dental at 281.225.4966 to schedule an appointment.