What You Need to Know About Pediatric Dentistry

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Are you aware of the risks associated with poor oral hygiene in children? Pediatric dentistry exists to help assist with the oral health care of young children. Because a child will not be able to properly care for their own teeth and gums, they will need assistance until they come of age. For help with this task, bring your child into our pediatric dentist.

To help prevent dental damage that can easily arise, bring your child into our team for a comprehensive examination before they are one year of age. Our team can assess any vulnerabilities to your child’s oral health and determine if any damage is present. For additional help with your child’s overall health care, a pediatric dentist can ensure they are well protected against various risks such as teething, thumb sucking and baby bottle tooth decay. Thanks to the additional training that a pediatric dentist has received, they can apply numerous techniques to help ensure the oral health care of your child remains solid.

Be aware that you will need help care for your child’s mouth until they around the age of six when they can do the tasks themselves. To prepare a child’s oral hygiene routine, make sure to always brush their teeth and keep their mouth free and clear of any debris. As a child gets older, teach them how to properly care for their mouth so they can do the same for themselves.

No matter the pediatric care your child is in need of, Dr. Brian Miller and our team are here to help them in every way we can. If you would like to set up an appointment to come see Miller Family Dental at our office in Houston, Texas, please call us at 281.225.4966.