What Are the Most Common Symptoms Seen in Bruxism Disorders?

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Are you suffering from bruxism? Bruxism is an oral health condition that is most often classified as a sleep disorder in which a person grinds and gnashes their teeth while they sleep. Although the disorder can take place while a victim is awake, sleep bruxism is the most common form.

There are multiple symptoms that are often seen with bruxism disorders, but most cases of bruxism are often misdiagnosed by an individual as they can be easily attributed to other conditions, or in many cases, simply go undetected as bruxism often occurs while a person is asleep. If you have a sleep partner or a roommate, ask them if they have ever noticed any cases where you grind your teeth loudly while asleep.

Physical damage can appear in your smile if you suffer from bruxism. Check your teeth for signs of wear and tear and if they appear flat or dull, as this could be a potential sign. Other signs include chewing on the inner cheeks, indentations on the tongue, chips, cracks in teeth that are not easily explainable, an increase in tooth sensitivity, and jaw pain or soreness after waking up.

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