Take Care of Your Dentures

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Dentures are a vital tool in keeping your smile as well as the structure of your face looking and feeling healthy. Taking care of them is even more necessary to make sure they last a long time, don’t cause infections, and give you your best smile. Miller Family Dental strives to give you this smile and give you any extra information. Some important facts to consider when taking care of your dentures and wearing them during the day include the following:

– Easily removing them for cleaning or modification makes it easier for cleaning, especially at night while you sleep and don’t need them.

– These restore your abilities to chew/eat and speak, filling out your smile so you have a confident smile, especially in social settings. This also helps your facial structure and filling in the voids left from missing teeth.

– Using partial dentures can simply help fill in a single tooth or a few teeth, or complete dentures that fill in entire rows of teeth.

Come into Dr. Brian Miller’s dental clinic today, where he and our dental professionals will take care of your smile. Call us for a consultation or to schedule an appointment at 281.225.4966. Our office in Houston, Texas, will be happy to fit you for your dentures or give you tips on denture care today!