Preparing Your Smile for Dental Crowns

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Have you suffered an oral accident or injury? Are your teeth damaged or broken? If you do have any teeth that have been injured, it is essential to have them repaired as soon as possible. If left untreated, bacteria can seep into a tooth and damage the pulp.

The pulp is the life source of a tooth that houses the nerve endings, connective tissue, and blood vessels. If it becomes infected or damaged, the tooth may die and will need to be removed. Fortunately, dental crown treatments can be used to protect teeth from further harm.

Previous dental procedures can also benefit from the use of dental crowns. Dental crowns can cover and conceal treatments such as root canals, dental fillings, and dental implants. In cases where a dental filling needs to be used but there is not enough tooth left to hold the filling, a dental crown can cap the remaining tooth for extra support. Dental crowns can also be used in scenarios where the damage to a tooth is too severe to be fixed with other procedures.

Even if your teeth have been damaged over a lifetime of wear, dental crowns may still be able to save them. In some situations, a tooth may be broken or fractured, and a dental crown could be used to hold the parts together and restore the tooth’s function. Frail or decayed teeth can also benefit from dental crowns.

No matter which tooth restoration treatment you desire, Dr. Brian Miller and our team at Miller Family Dental will make sure that your dental crowns work effectively. To schedule an oral exam or professional cleaning at our dentist office in Houston, Texas, please contact us at 281.225.4966. A healthy smile is a happy smile!