Jaw Discomfort and Bruxism

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Have you ever heard of bruxism? If not, that’s OK, because our dental team is happy to shed some light on the subject for you. Bruxism is a common condition that occurs while you sleep. This condition causes your jaw to feel tight or strained as it clenches, or your teeth begin to grind together. If you have this problem, then seek professional help right away to preserve your oral health and teeth.

Our dentist, Dr. Brian Miller, offers relief from bruxism and is happy to assist you. That is why our team at Miller Family Dental in Houston, Texas, is here to share with you some information on bruxism, so you can understand this condition better.

Here is some information on this conditions:
– Your teeth may feel extra sensitive or are tender to the touch in the morning if sleep bruxism is occurring while you rest.
– It could make your teeth look worn down or flat.
– To help properly treat bruxism, visit our dentist for a comprehensive assessment and night guard treatments.
– Bruxism can produce symptoms of jaw and facial discomfort along with sore jaw muscles.
– Dull headaches and earaches can also arise.

If you are suffering from jaw pain, then please call us today at 281.225.4966 to schedule a consultation with our professional dental team. We are always happy to assist you and help you in any way we can.