Don’t Fall Victim to Bad Oral Hygiene

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It’s easy to have a lapse in memory and begin to slack on your oral health, but at the end of every day, it is important to ensure you are back on track for a healthy smile that, with proper care and risk-control, can last a lifetime. Don’t fall victim to bad oral hygiene. Implement the following tips and tactics into your daily routine:

– Use oral health care products after eating, such as sugarless gum, mouth cleanser, or dental floss.
– Protect your teeth and gums from damage by using safety gear when relevant, such as mouth guards, facemasks, and head gear.
– Visit Miller Family Dental for your regularly scheduled professional cleanings and oral examinations.
– Avoid products or activities which can be destructive to your teeth, such as smoking or chewing tobacco, recreational drugs, and sugary foods and drinks.
– Practice optimum oral heath by brushing twice and flossing once daily.
– Try to avoid cosmetic add-ons to your mouth such as mouth jewelry and lip rings, as they can easily crack, chip, or damage your teeth.
– Try to limit food to meals only, avoiding snack time in between mealtime.

For more helpful hints for your oral health and to schedule an oral exam with Dr. Brian Miller, please contact our dentist office located in Houston, Texas, by calling us at 281.225.4966. Fantastic oral health care is our primary concern.