Dental Crowns Can Address a Variety of Oral Conditions

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Your smile and self-confidence can be affected by a variety of dental health issues that Miller Family Dental strives to treat. Many patients find that their smile issues can be effectively treated with dental crowns. We offer a list of many dental health conditions that dental crowns can help treat by improving the strength and appearance of teeth:

– Damage caused by bruxism: Patients who grind and clench their teeth while sleeping can experience wear and tear on the teeth and make them shorter. These teeth may need dental crowns to regain their appearance and strength.

– Broken tooth: Teeth whose cusps are broken by an oral injury or weakness in the tooth structure after receiving a large filling can be covered and repaired with dental crowns.

– Large dental filling: A tooth that receives a big dental filling may have reduced integrity and increased risk of fracturing. Dental fillings that have signs of damage can be supported by a dental crown to reduce the risk of breakage.

– Cosmetically flawed teeth: Are you struggling with gapped, misshapen or discolored teeth? This can affect the appearance of your smile, but cosmetic dental crowns can help your teeth look beautiful again.

– Root canal treatment: While you may need root canal treatment to save an infected tooth, it can also increase the tooth’s vulnerability due to the hollow space that is left behind. This is why a dental crown is commonly placed after treatment to protect the tooth’s form and function.

– Cracked teeth: A fractured tooth may require a dental crown to prevent pain when you bite down or chew, as a dental crown evenly distributes the bite force across the tooth.

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